Ready for GOTV?

The Campaign Helpdesk team has you covered with these GOTV tech guides.

Ragtag volunteers have put together resources to help you jumpstart campaign support and troubleshoot if needed. You can also visit The Last Weekend to find opportunities as early as today, leading to the November 6th election day.


Elections and canvassing go hand in hand, though technology has called for changes over time. Traveling door-to-door and chatting directly with campaigns now involves apps like MiniVAN for help. Check out our guides on Setting Up MinVAN and Tips for Canvassing.


If you're canvassing in CA, check out SwingLeft Academy's guide to PDI Mobile.

You can also watch this great SwingLeft Academy video with all the tips you need about how to be an effective canvasser.

Phone banking

While volunteering with a campaign, phone banking is another way to reach voters from all over. Using tools like Hubdialer, a campaign can avoid any disconnected numbers or voicemails, so you can spend more time with voters. Learn about How to use HubDialer for phone banking with our guide.


SwingLeft Academy's video on virtual phone banking will get you ready to hit the phones!

Text banking

Now, you can text voters, too! With the same premise as phone banking, sending text messages is another way to reach voters far and wide. It’s not quite as simple as texting with friends, so we’ve written a guide on How To Get Started with Hustle, a text banking app. We’ve even got a list of Top 10 Tips to help with any text banking tool!

You can also talk to your friends about voting. Peer-to-Peer texting tools help you share campaign info with your circle of friends, not just those in your community. Learn about apps like Team, VoterCircle, and their tools to talk politics with friends.


Campaigns, get ready!

The last weekend is set to be the final push before elections, so campaign staffers should prepare for anything. We’ve got Tips for Volunteers & Team Members using Slack and a guide for Managing Volunteer Shifts to help increase efficiency. Also, before your campaign sends another mass emails to voters, be sure you’re Emailing within Limits.

Whether volunteers are experienced or brand-new to campaigns, this guide can Help Campaign Volunteers Reach Voters, even if they’re hesitant. With the help of Organizing For Action's training on Get Out The Vote, the Ragtag community learned best practices for talking with voters. If you're interested in tips for effective voter conversations, check out their video resources.

Last, but not least, don’t forget about the Security Checklist For Midterm Elections!

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