How Many Emails Can My Campaign Send Using Gmail?

Did you know there’s an email limit? For Google Mail (Gmail) users, this means you can only send or receive a certain number of emails.

Why? Gmail wants to ward off spam and protect your accounts, so they’ve established a max number for emails sent and received daily, including how many people you can add as recipients to your email. This miniguide will help your campaign prepare, so Gmail restrictions don’t affect operations and outreach.

Email sending

It’s important to be aware of sending limits for emails to campaign volunteers, staff or supporters. If you’re in the process of using Gmail and run into an error message, such as, “You have reached a limit for sending messages,” answers are availableUnfortunately, Google will not allow you to send messages for 24 hours following, though you can receive mail and continue using Google services.

Gmail users can send a maximum of 2,000 messages per day. Emails are also limited to 2,000 recipients per message daily. Visit Google Support to learn limits for forwarding emails and restrictions on recipient types. Web browser and mobile app users have the same restrictions, though users with a free trial have some specific limits.

Email receiving

Gmail allows users to receive 86,400 messages. While this is a large number, it’s based on corresponding limits, whereas users must only receive 60 emails per minute and 3,600 hourly emails. If you reach the receiving limit, similar to email sending standards, your account will not receive new messages for 24 hours. Unfortunately, these messages cannot be recovered following the account suspension period, they’ll automatically bounce back to the sender as they arrive.

Consider using Google Groups for sending and receiving emails for your campaign. Google Groups shares receiving email logs and email sending can be done by grouping addresses. If your campaign is planning to start a new email campaign or send a mass email to a mailing list, be sure to check Google’s limits, which can change sporadically. Bounced messages or long response periods due to the 24-hour suspension period could affect the reputation and success of your campaign, so keep track of your email activity. Check out our guide on Google Groups set-up, sending volunteer emails and email blasts.

Using Slack in place of email is an option for internal messages. Slack offers security advantages such as 2FA, and private channels with greater control of shared info. Learn about 6 Steps To Better Digital Security with Slack to help improve your team.

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