Team is an app, created by Tuesday Company, that helps campaigns contact voters, collect information about who supports them (get IDs!), and promote their message on Facebook through volunteers’ friend networks.

Volunteers can download the Team app for iPhone or Android and join the campaign. Team also includes an online administrative portal where the campaign can set tasks for those volunteers, monitor the results, and collect lists of people to follow up with.

Team is a tool for organizing volunteers for friend-to-friend canvassing. The app tracks the status of assigned volunteer tasks so organizers can check-in on any incomplete outreach. There are 3 types of tasks a campaign can create and assign to volunteers:

  1. Share a post on Facebook
  2. Have 1-on-1 conversations with specific asks and targeted lists of contacts/Friends
  3. Report answers to those conversations

Additionally, Team integrates with VAN. You can upload a voter file to define the voters you want to reach, then simply match the voter file against users’ phone contacts and Facebook Friends. The VAN integration includes integrating Survey Questions. Up to three Survey Questions can be included and answered in any conversation prompted by the app.

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