How Campaign Volunteers Can Reach Potential Voters

For your campaign, volunteers should always be on the front line for support. We discussed managing volunteers shifts earlier, and you can use similar skills here. Find out how to maximize your reach and gain more voters by working effectively with volunteers.

Some volunteers may be eager to visit voters in person or make calls, though others may be hesitant. Your best campaign strategy is to come equipped with a few separate ways volunteers can help with voter outreach. Remember, design your volunteer efforts around your campaign goals.

In extremely rural areas, going door to door isn’t productive. It’s not an efficient use of time and not likely to be a good experience for volunteers. It is more effective to create a map of target voters’ homes and choose a central location, like a grocery store, where your volunteers can meet with a group of people at a time.

Democrats have seen success in encouraging church communities to go to the polls on Sundays in early votes (Souls to the Polls). This is a great way to gain Get Out the Vote (GOTV) volunteers and religious communities to vote.

In our Voter file guide, we introduced GOTV tools for voters. For the most part, however, GOTV efforts should be concentrated in the last few weeks before Election Day, since their effects diminish quite a bit over time. The Analyst Institute has done great work in this area and works with progressive campaigns nationwide to back up their strategies with evidence. We recommend reaching out to them.

Peer-to-peer texting is increasingly common this election cycle. It allows for volunteers to have personal contact with voters while reaching more people quickly. Peer-to-peer texting is done from a computer or phone, so the volunteer doesn’t actually speak to a person. This tends to be a great fit for any volunteer that isn’t comfortable going door-to-door.

Also, consider social friend-to-friend outreach with volunteers. Using tools like Team, VoterCircle or Hustle, your campaign can work with volunteers to gain peer voters. Volunteers can campaign directly to their friends and family on social media, which is helpful in reaching undecided or untapped groups.

Read more on tools and technology for voter outreach on Campaign Helpdesk or ask your own question and we’ll supply an answer!

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