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In this guide, we share how your campaign can set up and administer the Hustle text banking program. Hustle is an app for text banking, which brings the typical phone banking approach to the age of texting. Text banking is a fairly new yet very popular way of reaching out to potential voters, supporters, and volunteers.

Getting the Hustle app

Option 1: Use your phone to download the Hustle App and create an account

  • Available at the App Store (iOS) & Google Play Store.

Option 2: Use Hustle in the browser. You can use Hustle in a browser by going to and using your login.

  • Hustle recommends that if you use your laptop/desktop to Hustle that you use the Google Chrome browser.

Note: Hustle does not use your phone number to send texts or make phone calls. Instead, your assigned Hustle contacts will be messaged from a randomly assigned local number connected to your Hustle account. Your real number will not be given to contacts unless you type it into Hustle and give it to them. We do not recommend doing that.

Tip: You can limit the time during which Hustle will send texts, to avoid sending them too early or too late in the day and potentially annoying the recipient.

How to Start with Hustle

When you log in, you will see your workflow page. Workflows are the lists of phone numbers for you to text, so these are the people you’ll be texting. If you haven’t been assigned a set of contacts, this page will be blank.

There are two types of workflows available, “invites” for new scripts/events and “response” for responding to texts. Hustle workflows can be made permanent, meaning that you will be the only person texting that contact during the campaign allowing you to form a real bond with them.


The first round of messages you send will be the pre-loaded introductory scripts. Any fields that need to be filled will be populated when you send, so just hit send!

While you are sending invites you may begin to receive responses. You do have the option to break from your invite workflow and respond, but this is not required. The goal is to respond within 30 minutes of response.

Remember, Workflow is not a mass text service. While the texts you send will automatically populate with the pertinent information, you must click send for each person you attempt to contact.


When you begin to receive responses, you will be given the option of responding immediately. While you are not required to respond immediately, the best practice is to do so within 30 minutes.

Your Hustle Organizer may have set pre-written responses to expected replies. You can edit the pre-written responses by tapping inside the message window and making changes directly. This will only change that individual message, changes needed for all messages must be done on the admin end.

Please keep track of responses! Depending on their response, you may need to enter whether they have agreed/declined to come to an event, add a tag, or opt them out of communication.

Please do not attempt to dissuade a contact from opting out, simply thank them for their time and inform them that they will be taken off the list. 

NOTE: Once opted out of communication, there is nothing you or your Hustle Organizer can do to put them back in your stack. Be careful to not accidentally opt someone out.

When texting to invite prospects to an event, based on their reply you will click the RSVP’d “Yes” or “No” button to catalog their response. This will also trigger response scripts based on their RSVP.

You may be asked to text to gauge support or gather other survey responses. You can add a tag to their candidate profile by clicking their name at the top of your message screen and the “add tags” button. This will allow you to select from pre-determined tags. As a volunteer, you do not have the ability to create new tags yourself. If you are unsure, please reach out to your Hustle Organizer for guidance.

If you receive a response asking you to remove them from the list or that you have the wrong number, or anything else that shows further communication will be fruitless (eg., strong support for another candidate), immediately and politely opt them out using the “Opt Out” button at the top of the message screen. Depending on the reason you're texting, you may have the option of documenting why they are opting out, please do so and confirm the opt out.

For text banking, Hustle is one of many programs that can help your campaign reach voters. Use these tips to begin using the app and reach out with any questions, is here with answers. We've even got Top 10 tips for text banking, too! 

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