VoterCircle is a friend-to-friend outreach platform that uses your own email contacts to persuade voters to support your cause, organization or campaign.

Inside VoterCircle

VoterCircle is a resource built to find, activate and connect with top influencers in every community. Instead of asking volunteers to reach out to unknown voters one-by-one, connected supporters can leverage their personal network and connections to ask hundreds to vote.

First, VoterCircle automatically maps campaign supporter contacts to find voters in their community. Then, campaign supporters can send a personalized message to friends sharing details about the campaign on their own schedule and from anywhere.

The VoterCircle dashboard tracks how supporters are doing, which voters they’ve reached and who’s voting for you. VoterCircle uses data to continuously predict and identify Super Influencers, the members of your surrounding district who are highly connected.

Tip: Recruit Super Influencers early for campaign assistance.

For campaign volunteers, follow this process to reach out to peers for support. 

  1. Import your contacts to VoterCircle.
  2. Review list of approved contacts eligible for voting in your district.
  3. Send a personalized message urging friends to vote, then share on social media to let others do the same!

For campaign staff, use these steps to begin digital canvassing to build support.  

  1. Import voter file by manually uploading or leveraging integration with partners including NationBuilder, TargetSmart or NGP/VAN, the most common integration file.
  2. Customize canvasser recruitment profile by updating logo, text or social sharing. Also, create your email template for sending to voters. 
  3. Invite digital organizers and canvassers to support efforts. Create organizer circles for staff, volunteers or organizations, which will be displayed on separate dashboard accounts for tracking.
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