2FA is an easy way to keep your accounts phish-proof. 

2FA stands for "Two Factor Authentication". Two Factor Authentication is a way to keep your digital accounts more secure, but requiring two (or more) kinds of proving you should have access for you to log in.

The 2FA approach is often described in terms of logging in with "something you have and something you know". For example, to log in to your email account, you would need to use your password (something you know) and prove your identity with a code from your smartphone (something you have).

Using two factors (or more!) to log in to your online accounts can be a HUGE help in the battle against getting your accounts hacked. If you have 2FA set up on your email, for example, a hacker wouldn't be able to access your emails if they only had your password. They'd also need your second factor (the something you have).

There are a couple of common options for second factors. In particular, authenticator apps for smartphones, like Google Authenticator (iPhone Android) and Authy. Another great (maybe even better) option is to use a security key, like the Yubikey. A security key is a small USB device that you can keep on your keychain and use as a second physical factor to log into your accounts. Just plug the Yubikey in to the USB slot on your computer and tap the circle. The key will generate a code that will be your second factor to authenticate.

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