The best practice for digital accounts is to implement a different, complex, machine generated password for every account you use, because any password you can remember a computer can guess. Since it would be impossible to remember all these different passwords, a password manager can ease your memory and help secure your digital life.

What is a Password Manager?

Password managers make logging into your web accounts easier and more secure at the same time. They remember your password for each site and automatically fill your username and password into login pages. Since you won’t have to type your passwords anymore, you’ll be less likely to fall victim to security attacks, such as attempts to trick you into entering your password on fake websites controlled by an attacker.

Why should you use a Password Manager? 

Many people worry that by putting all of their passwords in one place, they’re increasing security risk. The reality is that most passwords are easily discovered by attackers because users attempt to create multiple passwords that are memorable. The most common password mistakes include:

  • Re-using the same password for several accounts
  • Using a system where passwords have the same beginning for all accounts and add one or two characters to modify
  • Using passwords that are so short, computers can easily guess

You can make your accounts more secure by using your password manager to create a different password for every website you log into. Because you won’t have to remember your passwords, they can be both random and long, so attackers can’t guess them.

Use the chart below for additional info on the advantages of password managers. 

Cost / Security Benefit

Cost ($)

Low - Medium

Cost (Time to implement)


Technical Difficulty


Security benefit


Helpful tips:

  1. Having a strong master password is absolutely critical when using a password manager, no matter which one. We recommend using a password generator in your password management app, or The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Dice Generated Passphrases for support.
  2. Set up a second authentication factor to protect your password manager. For assistance, find out more on two factor authentication (2FA).
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