For any campaign office, volunteers play an essential role. The path to finding volunteers can be different for each office, sometimes easier and other times calling for involved strategy. After building a team of volunteers, now it's time to match them with campaign initiatives that utilize their strengths and passions.

Tip: Keep track of volunteer shifts. This will help to manage campaign tasks, goals and match with available volunteers. 

Follow these steps to create a list in MyCampaign of volunteers who have not completed a shift. 

  1. Use the “Events” parameter > Select Exclude and leave everything else blank. This will capture everyone who has never been shifted.

  2. Next step, Add People/Contacts > Events > Include > and then click the “Status” link to select the Statuses that indicate non-completion of the shift. This pulls together everyone who has no-showed at some point.

  3. Then do a new step, Narrow People > Events > Exclude > Status: Completed (maybe Walk-in if your campaign uses that one). This removes anyone who the last step added who has missed a shift, but come to other shifts.

If you have some in your MyCampaign who aren’t volunteers and some who are tagged as volunteers based on a Survey Question or Activist Code, you’ll need to narrow to those, either as additional parameters in Step 3 or as its own Narrow People step.

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