Introduction to MiniVAN and Tips for Campaigns

MiniVAN is a mobile app that gives canvassers access to their VAN list. MiniVAN can make it easier for canvassers to share important info, take notes and travel. One huge plus for MiniVAN is that it’s fully integrated with VAN, so importing and exporting is simpler. MiniVAN has a few helpful features for canvassers including:

Map View: Displays where houses are located on the map.

Find my Next Door: Displays the three closest houses on your list yet to be canvassed.

Households View: Highlights the targeted person for support in a household.

  • If there’s more than one person in a household you’re hoping to speak with, be sure to check the Households View before knocking.

Use these tips to help navigate the app, and you can ask additional questions on Campaign Helpdesk. 

Tip #1: When using MiniVAN, remember to place your phone in low power mode. This will save power more efficiently when canvassing.

Tip #2: Also, if volunteers are canvassing with a partner, remind them to enter the same list number. Once an individual syncs, their partner can see all the houses already canvassed.

For help setting up MiniVAN, check out this articleIf you have any questions about setting up MiniVAN or using the app altogether, you can ask for support on Campaign Helpdesk!



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