2FA is important for many reasons, and also requires a few processes to keep your information at it's safest. Now that you've chosen a 2FA, use this info to properly handle your backup codes.  

Important Note

As you set up each of your accounts with two factor authentication, remember to save the backup codes provided by your account provider in a secure location.

Using two-factor authentication means having authentication codes sent to your phone or other physical device. When you first set up 2FA, the provider will most likely provide a set of backup codes. Hopefully, you'll never need them, but if you ever lose your phone or device, having the backup codes will give you access to log into your account.

To protect the backup codes, print them out and store them in your wallet, house, or safety deposit box. Don’t store them on your computer or anywhere that your computer can access, such as cloud storage, because this would make them vulnerable to malware on your computer. If anything ever happens to your mobile device with the 2FA app on it, you will need these codes to access your account!

For help setting up your 2FA device, sign up for the Protect your accounts from hackers online training. 

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