How do I get started with user-generated videos?

User-generated video can be an incredible mobilization and persuasion tool. But you may be wondering, "how do I get started?"

Don't feel like you have to build your own custom tool. There are already several off-the-shelf tools that can work great, and require a minimal budget. We really recommend checking them out and seeing if they fit the bill. Less work for you, plus, they're fully supported by the organizations that provide them!
  1. Countable has an embeddable widget that you can place in any web page so you can record and save videos -
  2. Flipgrid is a tool designed for teachers, but which works equally well for activists looking to record and store videos -
  3. The most full-featured one we've seen is Gather Voices - 


Hearing directly from a friend, neighbor, or fellow volunteer can be incredibly inspiring. Do-it-yourself videos can be a great way to give that tool to your supporters. Give it a try!


Did you give one of these tools a try? Tell us what you think!

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